Globalink PortaBilling Managed PortaSwitch

Friday, November 20th, 2020

Managed VoIP Service (MVS) Support Plans are available.

You can sell Private-Label Business-Class Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) services under your own Brand Name with your own domain login using your own routes.

Rent our Globalink Managed VoIP Softswitch and use your own routes for termination or origination.

Fully integrated online billing and reporting.

Requirements: Requires technical skills.

Managed VoIP Soft Switch Service (MVS)

Globalink MVS Cloud VoIP SoftSwitch is integrated with own Session Border Controller, SIP, Proxy, Unified Messaging, Billing and Web Servers with redundant internet backbones

Globalink MVS has extendable modules for all the services you will need to up and running without the expensive capital expense of operating a data center or servers.

Globalink MVS provides you the benefits of using a CLOUD HOSTED VOIP service without worrying about acquiring the hardware.

With the Globalink Managed VoIP Switch (MVS), you can provide unified messaging (fax, sms, voice, multimedia) , create your own calling destinations (unlimited destination plans or monthly subscription plans) with your own destination codes auto billed to your own bank merchant gateway.

Invoices can be automatically sent as pdf via email for post paid services.

Online Billing is fully automated with customers having full access to call detail records online or by reports sent via email.

The Globalink Managed VoIP Switch allows you to have your own subscription plans and hosted PBX/IVR.

Globalink Managed VoIP Switch has no limit on usage as you have a virtual server also know as Phone-Company-In-A-Box.

Use your own Carriers Routes for Origination or Termination on Globalink MVS

For high volume resellers selling just pure wholesale termination, just rent a partition on our Globalink MVS and start selling your voip services.

Our hosted solution helps you get quick Return On your Investment (ROI) without spending lots of money on your own voip switch and session border controller.

You can then manage your accounts online, bill your customers, view accounting history and call details records (CDR).

You can also setup your own billing interval times and any other connection charges you may wish to charge.

You can manage your call routing via your preferred voice carrier.

Globalink Managed VoIP Switch allows you to setup your own local numbers anywhere in the world you can buy local numbers.

For Globalink MVS you pick the modules you need.
Phone Company-In-A-Box Plan for large voice-over-ip reseller or for those who need custom modules only

Ala Carte APPs Available

Add APPs as you grow your business

Use custom “quick forms” to add your users and features quickly. Distributor function allows creation of distributors easily. These new features are now available as a result of the upgrades to our Globalink VoIP Switch.

Reseller and Sub Reseller Rate Online Management is standard. Users can login using own language.
Allows reseller to have sub resellers who have their own rate files in their own currency.
All modules integrate with our hosted Globalink Porta Billing Software so you can bill you clients automatically.

You can setup your own routes.

We do not bill for incoming minutes but charge processing fees for outbound minutes which uses your own routes.

You can setup promotion plans and give special discounts to select customers.

You can setup your own billing currency, even select your language wherever our international language module is available.

You can setup your own initial custom voip ports.

Globalink Hosted PBX APP

No charges for extensions.
You can create as many as you wish.
Setup your own did carriers.
Advanced hosted pbx features such as call queues, dial by name and presence technology.

Voice mail can be sent to your email so you can listen to it directly from your smartphone or tablet.

You can make calls from your Android, iPhone, iPad Mobile Client on your smartphone or tablet.

We can provide you US or international dids to link to your account.

Globalink Conference Bridge APP

Create your own private branded audio conference bridge and setup your own extensions as needed.
Integrates with our Hosted PBX module.

Globalink Call Center APP with Call Recording and Call Queues

Setup call queues so that your customers can wait for next operator and listen to music or announcements while waiting.
System will transfer call to next operator that becomes available.

You can provide your staff or customers online web control panel access to your server so they can manage their call history, voice mail, find-me, follow-me, call queues etc online.

All billing can be done online and your customers can be sent invoices with all call history.

Call Recording can be enabled to record all calls on our Cloud VoIP Switch.

Globalink Automatic Remote Device Provisioning APP

Create your own ip phone inventory for your hardware like Cisco, Linksys, Sipura, Yealink etc and automatically provision, activate and manage all your devices from a central location after initial configuration.

Globalink Calling Card APP

Pinless calling card services can be setup using PortaUM provided caller id is passed in e.164 or country code followed by number format.

You can top up balance using vouchers.

Auto recharge over the phone by dialing last 4 digits of credit card on file.

Globalink Callback APP

Provide ani or web callback services where internet is not available. Incoming caller id must be in e.164 format. SMS can be integrated using third party sms vendor.

Globalink Custom Web Automated SignUP API

Create your own web automated signup forms so your customers can register online from your website. Our server will provide login credentials by email to your customers.

VPN Xtunnels APP

You can setup your own custom sip ports or VPN (Virtual Private Network) to get around countries where voip ports are blocked.

You can upgrade and add modules as needed to Globalink Managed VoIP Switch at any time

Please contact us to make a purchase. Visit the HELP CENTER