Globalink PortaSwitch offers a feature rich Control Panel which allows customers to view and manage all aspects of their account. You can review call history, missed calls and more. 

From any Internet connected browser a user can set and edit the advanced call forwarding options to create a ring-all group of numbers and call hunting features with PBX functionality.

Other features include: Globalink electronic Voicemail, Call Conference Rooms, Call Waiting/Caller ID… and many more features. A new fully functional User Control Panel is currently under development. A new modular design will allow resellers to make changes to further customize the interface.

Globalink is committed to helping resellers worldwide provide Voice-Over-IP services with a very small startup cost, while maintaining top-quality personal service. Our goal is to link every country in the world to quality Voice-Over-IP phone service.

Globalink Software
Globalink Porta Billing VoIP Soft Switch

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Phone Numbers can be used in a variety of ways so you can stay connected with friends, family or your customers from around the world.