Use Your Own Carrier on PortaSwitch

Friday, November 20th, 2020

Using own Carriers for Termination


To configure your own vendor or carrier, you need to create a routing tariff for that vendor, a vendor, and a vendor connection. This is available in the Globalink Managed VoIP Switch plan.

You will need to enter remote ip of vendor and tech prefix if any.

Our VoIP Switch is codec agnostic meaning that it will work with any standard codecs like g723, 711 , 729 but it can also be setup to enforce a certain codec.

Vendor connection will have to support SIP and not H323. You can use the online wizard to configure your tech prefix or any required translation.


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Using the vendor connection,you can setup the connection to your vendor via 2 authentication methods :-

  1. ip authentication : vendor allows you to connect to vendor service based on your ip
  2. account authentication : vendor allows you to connect with an account login and password

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