PortaSwitch is an IP Multimedia Subsystem or a software-based communication services and subscriber management platform allowing modern communication network providers to unify voice, data and fax traffic within a single network.

This switch enables resellers to provide prepaid, postpaid, international callback, unlimited voip plans, hosted pbx and much more all on one integrated voip switch. 

Since it is hosted, you do not need to buy any voip server hardware.

A ready replacement for Class 5 switches, PortaSwitch consists of a soft-switch and application servers.

When coupled with a Cisco or  Quintum Gateway, these provide access to the IPCentrex or IP PBX feature set on Internet telephone or circuit-switch technologies.

You can setup  your own routes.
We do not bill for incoming minutes but charge processing fees for outbound minutes which uses your own routes. Use custom “quick forms” to add your users and features quickly. 

Distributor function allows creation of distributors easily.
These new features are now available as a result of the upgrades to our Porta VoIP Switch.

Reseller and Sub Reseller Rate Online Management is standard

Users can login using own language.

Allows reseller to have sub resellers who have their own rate files in their own currency.

All modules integrate with our hosted Porta Billing Software so you can bill you clients automatically.

Globalink Software
Globalink Porta Billing VoIP Soft Switch

Enterprise Calling Card APP
Pinless calling card services can be setup using PortaUM provided caller id is passed in e.164 or country code followed by number format.
You can top up balance using vouchers.
Auto recharge (over the phone) by dialing last 4 digits of credit card on file is available as an optional add-on

Enterprise Hosted PBX/Auto Attendant/Call Center APP
No charges for extensions. You can create as many as you wish. 
Setup your own did carriers.
Advanced hosted pbx features such as call queues, dial by name and presence technology.

Enterprise Conference Bridge APP
Create your own private branded audio conference bridge and setup your own extensions as needed.
Integrates with our Hosted PBX module.

Enterprise Automatic Provisioning APP
Create your own ip phone inventory for your hardware like Cisco, Linksys, Sipura, Yealink etc  and automatically provision, activate and manage all your devices from a central location after initial configuration.

Enterprise Callback APP
Provide ani or web callback services where internet is not available.   Incoming caller id must be in e.164 format.
SMS can be integrated using third party sms vendor.

Enterprise Custom Website API
Create your own web signup forms so your customers can register online from your website. Our server will provide login credentials by email to your customers.

The Enterprise  Plan allows you to have your own subscription plans and hosted PBX/IVR.  

Enterprise has no limit on usage as you have a virtual server (phone company-in-a-box). 

You can upgrade and add modules as needed to our  Reseller – Enterprise VoIP Managed Service plan at any time including VPN/Xtunnels APP.

With the Reseller – Enterprise VoIP Managed Service,  you can provide unified messaging, create your own calling /discount/subscription plans with your own destination codes billed to your own merchant gateway. 

You can setup promotion plans and give special discounts to select customers. 

You can setup your own billing currency, even select your language wherever our international language module is available and allows you to setup your own initial custom voip ports. 

You can setup your own custom sip ports or VPN to get around countries where voip ports are blocked. You can manage your call routing via your preferred voice carrier. 

You can also setup your own billing interval times and any other connection charges you may wish to charge

This package allows you to setup your own local numbers anywhere in the world you can buy local numbers. 
We can setup the gateway so that the local numbers will get routed to our server here in the USA.
We can also setup equipment in Singapore, Hong Kong or United Kingdom.  Please contact support for other locations.

You can then manage  your accounts online, bill your customers, view accounting history and call details records (CDR). 


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