Free On Network Calling on Globalink VoIP PortaSwitch

Friday, November 20th, 2020

Voice On-net Free Calling

By using VoIP technology and Globalink Porta VoIP PortaSwitch, Internet telephony service providers can truly make the world “flat” for their customers. It is possible to reach phone numbers in virtually any country in the world, and as easy to make a call to the opposite hemisphere as to your neighbor.


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Globalink Phone Numbers

Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs)  wishing to offer special pricing for calls made between IP phones connected to PortaSwitch (regardless of the actual phone number) can use the Voice On-Net feature. When enabled, all calls between IP phones will be rated according to the special destination VOICEONNET.

For an example :

If customer A has a US phone number assigned to him, and calls a phone number in Malaysia assigned to another customer in your system, customer A will not be charged the international rate for this call, but rather a special On-Net rate defined by you. Typically resellers will assign rate “0” so that all calls are free within our network.

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