Globalink PortaBilling Bank Merchant Setup

Friday, November 20th, 2020

Procedures to setup Merchant Account on Globalink Porta Billing Private Label VoIP Service

  • Login as reseller and access the customer info screen and click on payment systems tab.
  • Select your merchant processor from this list.
  • Setup your login and password as per your vendor instructions.
  • Select the card you wish to offer.
  • Return to main Reseller Screen and select currency.
  • Add the currency of your choice , setup minimum amount for each transaction and associate with your payment system. Your payment processor must support the currency of your choice. You can have more than one processor if necessary to support multiple currencies.
  • Email Support with your private key to be installed on the porta billing server.
  • Run tests logged in as sub customer and make test payments.

Once the merchant account is activated, your clients can pay you directly anytime using our Porta servers. If you enable periodic billing, clients can auto recharge their accounts when balance is low or at set times.

Globalink-Worldkom Private Label VoIP Reseller Support